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dela Estates provide services in Property Management for Landlords and Outsourced Lettings Solutions for Lettings Agents.

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Why outsource lettings, if any business at all?

dela Estates provide a cost saving and profit enhancing solution.  Reasons for outsourcing vary.  Perhaps your staff turnover is costing you a fortune, perhaps your resources are too stretched to facilitate a property management department in house.  Outsourcing is less expensive than running it all in house, except this way, we do all the hard work, and you keep your “bread and butter” income streaming in. Not to mention we are local Property Management Agent:


Let the negotiator do their bit, and we’ll do the rest.

From references, right up to the sign up on move in day.  This versatile service can be adapted to suit your agency and your procedures and charges.  For a one off fixed price per deal, it’s all taken care of, including:

  • Tenant referencing

  • Providing the landlord’s services such as inventories, gas safety certificates

  • Creation of tenancy agreements, guarantor agreements

  • Collect and manage tenant’s move-in monies

  • Arrange the sign up, either at your office or the property.

  • Give us the burden of accounting responsibilities involved, we got it taken care of

  • Free up the time and resources of your staff, from the telephone calls to the book-keeper’s expensive and valuable time and off load it onto us

Property Manager not doing her job particularly well?  Pass On Your Back Office Load.

Free up the time and resources of your staff, from the telephone calls to the book-keeper’s expensive and valuable time and off load it onto us.  Whilst we do the hard work involved in the daily running of a property management department, your negotiators and administrators can take advantage of the time it will save them.  Some agents won’t even need a property manager in house at all.  There are numerous benefits to outsourcing; here are just a few examples:

  • Save Time – the impact of outsourcing is instantly recognised.  Once you outsource, the number of lettings property management phone calls dramatically decrease.  Your staff can use the extra time to be productive in other areas rather than having to deal with lettings management calls from tenants and landlords and the tenant that has dropped in to give an hour’s explanation as to what’s wrong with his boiler.  Your personel department can relax no having to search tenaciously for a property manager who is “good enough” and your accounts department can sigh with relief as we take care of the daily tasks of rents in, landlord accounts management and data entry.

  • Save Money – Think of the resources you could save.  Less phone calls made out from the office, potential reduction of staff salaries and Employers NIC, even down to the thousands of sheets of paper and endless number of printer toner!

  • Save the Negotiator’s Time – they have it hard enough as it is, let’s free them up to do more deals rather than tying them up to their desk to fulfil the administrative responsibilities involved in pre-tenancy negotiations.  We don’t want your negotiators spending time looking after referencing and chasing landlords for documents when they could be out there taking on the next property and tying up a new deal!

  • Peace of Mind – who takes your emergency calls made by tenants outside of your office hours? An answering machine?! Give it to us. Although our office hours are similar to your own, our 24 hours emergency mobile telephone number is looked after by a member of staff for every hour of every day, even Christmas day!

  • Arrange the sign up, either at your office or the property

Ultimately, outsourcing is not as expensive as you might think. As we don’t have the overheads that you do having a front office to run, we are able to provide services at very low rates, so that the cost involved in outsourcing certainly does not exceed the amount of savings you could potentially make.

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